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Cosmed Group Industrial Ltd. is a skin care manufacturer based in Auckland. As a professional OEM and ODM manufacturer, we have maximized our knowledge and know-how from our extensive experiences to create popular products and business opportunities for our customers. With our ability to maneuver through ever changing markets, we can propose new concepts based on our customers’ ideas and needs to quickly turn them into a reality. Our strength is in our ability to be a one-stop finished goods manufacturer. We are committed to providing manufacturing services for famous high-end brands and small start up companies.


/ What We Do? /

We work with companies to create innovative and highly consumable products. We strive to provide our customers with creative and practical solutions for their concepts. Seeing your ideas come to life and result in quality products is what we exist for.

/ Our Mission /

#1 To understand your needs.

#2 To provide assistance in every step of the process.

#3 To deliver quality of service that ensures your product is of the highest marketable and consumable standard.

/ Our Vision /

We believe that by continuing to grow each day we will become a company that gives back to its clients, employees, the industry and local society